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What is it?

What the hell is a court docket anyway? Well, here in the great state of North Carolina, and, in most other states I do believe, the court docket is basically the calendar that the judge and courthouse staff maintain to schedule stuff that goes on in the court rooms. For instance, in NC traffic court, there would be a docket posted every day outside the courtroom, usually on a bulletin board right next to the door. In Raleigh, Wake County court where I am very often, the court docket may be “posted” in electronic format and shown on like a TV screen. If you want to find out “where you’re supposed to be” just look on the court docket and watch for your name to come rolling by (or look for it on the printed list if that’s how they do it in your county). There will probably be other information on the docket listing too, like the name of the cop who gave you a ticket, or the file number the court uses to keep track of your specific case.


All public record, and searchable online

Not to alarm you, but all of this info is pretty much public record and everyone gets to see whose name is on the court docket and what they got popped for and so on. Some think this is kind of intrusive but, IMHO, it’s better to have an idea what’s going on in the court room than to to have the whole deal handled “in secret” like they do in some not-so friendly places in the world. Now, if you ever want to see what’s going on in court and get a copy of the court docket but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home (hey, I’d rather be at home too!) in North Carolina and some other states (Pennsylvania for sure) you can find information about court dockets just by going to the web maintained by the court system. In North Carolina it’s called the Administrative Office of the Courts AOC for short. Just plug in this URL in your browser and you can go right there: Here you can just plug in your name (or anyone’s name really!) and see what they have cooking in court in any county in NC.


If you got cited in NC or PA, and you miss your court date, look for your info here…

Now, just an FYI, if you MISS your court date, you might not be able to see the case info using this method. I believe the court docket only displays active or current and pending cases (though you can probably find the case info in another section of the calendars search page like “printed calendars”). But don’t despair! If you have a traffic ticket or a criminal case in NC, you can always use and see your case info in all it’s glory for up to six months! Here’s the link: Missed your date and gotta get a lawyer on it? NO sweat! Just click the big red button and instantly shows your case info to involved NC lawyers! Hey, not cool to miss a court date, but if ya did, BernieSez is here to take the sting out!


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