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The following article applies to violations involving a good ol’ expired license, no operator’s license, expired inspection, improper equipment, child seat case, and window tint.

Ok, so your bad luck happens in cars too? Not to worry. If the cop gave you a little love note from the State of North Carolina charging you with any of the aforementioned offenses, you’re in luck, usually. In MOST cases (most) where the DA is satisfied that you have—since the date of the offense—”complied” with the violation, and offer proof of the same, the charge goes away (sound of toilet rushing).That is to say, if you were charged with driving with no license, or an expired license, get one and show the DA that you’re all legal now. Dismissed!

Expired tags?

Show him a new registration. Dismissed!

Improper equipment (like bald tires)?

Show him a receipt for new tires (or whatever). Dismissed!

Window tint too dark?

Show him a letter from the local inspection station indicating the windows are not up to snuff. Dismissed!

Child not in child seat?

Show the DA a receipt form the store to prove you got a child seat (and swear to use it!). Dismissed!


The basic ideas with all of these is that they are compliance offenses: the DA wants to ensure that you are NOW in full compliance with the law.


So what would an attorney charge you to offer this information to you?  About $250.  And now that you know, That’s another chunk of money that you’ve saved!

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