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Recommendation engine websites like Avvo and LegalMatch work as follows:

  • You enter a phrase into their search box.  For example, you type in “traffic ticket”
  • You enter your zip code or location and press the return key.
  • The site then returns a list of highly-rated lawyers that practice whatever you typed into the search box in your location, along with rating scores and user reviews.
  • You then contact a lawyer on the list that you wish to contact, and proceed to explain your case.
  • You then contact another lawyer on that list, and explain your case again.
  • You do this for as many lawyers as you wish to contact, one by one, explaining your case each time.
  • Each lawyer you contact might reply or might not.
  • Eventually you hire one of those lawyers.

Recommendation Engines for Traffic Tickets = Too Much Effort for a User

For simple traffic tickets, the above sequence of events can be tedious and probably too much of an effort.  Most people will opt to just plead guilty and pay the fine.  After all, a traffic ticket—in most cases—is a pesky nuisance type of thing…not a life or death criminal case, where you are going to need the best that money can buy.  In other words—in most instances—the outcome you will get from any lawyer that takes care of your traffic ticket will be the same: you will get some sort of reduction in insurance points or a dismissal of the offense.  


Just Take a Picture of Your Darn Ticket.  Simple. As. That.

So instead of doing the above sequence of events, why not just take a picture of your traffic ticket, upload it to our site, and get lawyers to compete for your case?  You only need to explain your case one time.  That’s it.  Lawyers can see your ticket…you don’t have to use a bunch of words to explain it or make a bunch of phone calls.  Just snap a picture.  And just do that with your iPhone or Android phone.

That’s what our site is all about.  It puts the onus on the lawyer, not on you.  Here’s how it works:

  • You explain your situation once, by uploading a picture of your ticket and if you want, adding additional comments
  • Lawyers then search for, find, and review your case details including viewing of your traffic ticket image.
  • Lawyers that wish to, will make an offer to you to take your case.  Their offers will include the fees they will charge.
  • You get an email each time you receive an offer from a lawyer.
  • You compare all the offers to each other, and pick the best one for you.
  • End of story.

If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket recently, and want to see if hiring a lawyer makes sense for you, why not give it a try?  It’s free to post your case.  Click the button below to get started.

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