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Heading to the beach for some fun in the sun?  There’s nothing better than hanging out on a beach with friends.  And there’s nothing worse than some cop nailing you on your way there.
If you want to avoid getting pulled over on the way there, we recommend staying within 5 miles or less above the speed limit.  Put it on cruise control and sit back.  However, if you are unfortunate enough to get a traffic ticket on the way to the Outer Banks, Virginia Beach, Carolina Beach, or any of the many awesome spots on our east coast, you can always count on Bernie finding you an atttorney to fight for your case while you enjoy your cool drink in the sand.  And best of all you can simply download the app now and have it there, just-in-case.  Because you never know.
It’s easy.  Just download the app, take a picture of your traffic ticket, add a few notes if you want, and get back to enjoying the waves.  Download the app now.