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So maybe you’re not quite 21 years old, right? Maybe you just happened to have a beer in your hand (holding it for an older friend) when the blue lights come on at the party.

Now what?

Well, assuming you get charged with a simple under-age possession, providing you were decent with the cop and have a pretty good record, try for the alcohol first-offender program.

The Alcohol First-Offender Program

It’s a lot like the misdemeanor possession of marijuana program (see Got Caught with Some Weed?) but it’s non-statutory, meaning its not written into law.

What do I gotta do in this program?

Gotta do some alcohol classes and keep outta trouble. Provided you do so, the matter is dismissed and you my friend are eligible for an expungement of the charges.

So what special skills does the attorney need to get you in? Nada. Zip. Zero. To know the program is to know of the opportunity, and now you do too. Just ask the prosecutor about it when you go to court.

I just saved you another $500-$1,000.

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