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On October 31, 2013, BernieSez will open for business in Wake County, North Carolina.  That means that people that have received traffic tickets in Wake County NC can upload their citations into the BernieSez system and get lawyers experienced with the Wake County Courts to bid on their case.  


Why only Wake County NC at launch?

Building software takes time, patience, and constant tweaking and updating.  So we are opening up the system to a small group of folks in our hometown to make sure our system works properly first.  As issues get resolved and tweaks made, we will start rolling out the system to other counties in NC, inviting qualified lawyers representing those counties along the way.  


When will we be in your county or State?

That depends on various factors, but our goal is to be available throughout the entire country at some point.  But when that is is hard to pinpoint at this time.  If you are interested in seeing BernieSez in your county or State, drop us a line.