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We’ve been hard at work at building BernieSez into a great alternative to all of those letters you receive in your mailbox when you get cited for a traffic violation.  With BernieSez, you will be able to enter some basic details about your traffic citation (or snap a picture of the ticket with your smartphone), and have attorneys bid to take your case.  How cool is that?  

With BernieSez, no more trying to compare one lawyer’s brochure with another’s, or going to the web to do a Google search on local traffic attorneys and then looking at their websites to compare them against each other.   And no more calling around to ask for a price.  Let them come to you, via the BernieSez system.

So when can we see this thing for real?  

  • Web application should be live and ready for beta testing at the end of summer 2013
  • Mobile native apps for iOS and Android shortly thereafter, around October 2013
  • Limited, private beta test in Wake County North Carolina beginning around September 2013



Traffic ticket data entry screen from web application

berniesez bids screen

Lawyer bid acceptance/rejection screen on iPhone


Feedback is welcome and encouraged! More to follow soon.