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If you ever get cited with a ticket (or whatever kind of ticket you got), this is probably what you will go through, in this order:

  • complain in your car for 10 minutes
  • complain some more, blame the cop and everyone but yourself for speeding 
  • mentally accept that you have to deal with this ticket
  • try to determine (in your head) if this will affect your insurance rate
  • look at the back of the ticket to find out when the court case is and how to pay for it
  • stuff the ticket somewhere and forget about it


Police - Writing Ticket

until…you get home and within 3 days you receive a huge pile of envelopes in the mail from eager lawyers willing to take care of that speeding ticket.  

How Do You Compare Lawyers to Each Other?

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to compare lawyers this way. Who do you pick when they all say essentially the same thing?  Do you choose your lawyer based on how pretty or “professional” their marketing materials are?  Do you simply go on the lowest price?  Or do you toss all those letters from lawyers into your recycle bin and just pay the fine online, thinking that the insurance hit is not worth dealing with a bunch of lawyers?

A New Approach, Using Modern Technology

BernieSez is different.  It’s a website where you simply upload a picture of your ticket, and then lawyers willing to take your case will give you a price to take care of it.  More than just an attorney referral service, BernieSez is more of a traffic ticket bidding system where you, the traffic ticket holder, is in control.  Not the other way around.  

We are excited about building this really cool and modern tool! We are also hopeful and optimistic that it will have a substantial, positive impact in the marketplace to reduce the headaches involved with traffic tickets!  After all, this is a problem that, in the USA, over 41 million people every year will have to deal with.

This Is Just the Beginning…

Stay tuned for updates on our forthcoming product, as well as new blog posts with newsworthy information about traffic tickets, the law, lawyer jokes, and any rants or insider briefs Bernie (the attorney) may have from time to time about the legal industry.

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