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You know that background checks could reveal your previous DUI and that having one could result in your license being suspended, but there are lots of other consequences a DUI could have on your life. Every year in the US, approximately 150,000 people get arrested for DUIs. If you become one of them, you can expect various consequences from this serious criminal offense.

In all 50 US states, if you’re caught driving under the influence, you’ll lose your driving privileges for a while. That’s something you can expect. But, it’s really the least of what can happen to you. Here’s a rundown of 10 things that show having a DUI just isn’t worth it.

1. Got A Job? You Could Lose It

If your job requires you to drive a vehicle, having a DUI could result in you getting fired because you won’t be able to do your job properly. Even worse, this conviction could stay on your record for a decade—or worse—it could stay on your record permanently, until you fucking die! Sometimes, even if you aren’t required to drive around for your job, some employers have a policy against DUI offenses, which means you could lose your job anyway, just for one night of drunk driving.

2. You Have To Pay Up

DUI fines are expensive. They vary a bit depending on the state you live in, but the average cost is around $10,000. In North Carolina, first-time offenders tend to get a fine of $1,000 for driving under the influence. Tack on a whole pile of other expenses, including your lawyer fee, and you are looking at at least 3 thousand boffos.  Unless you use daddy’s slush fund, it’s really difficult to pay that money if you’ve lost your job.

3. There Are Other Costs 

You might think a DUI results in a fine of $1,000 and nothing else – but you’re wrong. Other costs come into the picture, such as bail money which you’ll have to pay when you’re arrested and which can easily end up being a few hundred or thousand dollars. Then, getting your car back if it needs to be towed could result in further expenses being notched up. You might also lose money that you’d betted on if you’re fired from your job as you won’t be earning any money.

4. You Get Jail Time

First offenders don’t really get jail time, right? Wrong! Being a first offender could result in jail time. In North Carolina, for instance, a DUI offense can lead to between three days and six months in jail! This could have disastrous life-changing effects on your personal relationships, work relationships, career, and reputation. If you find yourself arrested for a DUI, you need to stay calm but act quickly. A partner at this Scottsdale DUI lawyer firm says after you’re arrested, you’ll need to take a sobriety test, and you can’t refuse it. If you do, you’ll have your license suspended immediately. Always do what’s asked of you by the police officers, but make sure you ask to speak to your attorney, no matter what time of day or night it is. This is crucial to gain professional assistance and possibly even reduce your jail time or charges based on your DUI case.

5. You Could Lose Your Scholarship 

It might surprise you to hear this, but many schools refuse admitting students who have a previous DUI conviction. This can even result in your scholarship being revoked. Many colleges will do background checks on prospective students, and since a DUI is considered criminal history, it will show up. You might think that it’s no big deal to have a DUI if no one was injured or killed, but you’re wrong. They’re always a big deal, and can affect your future and dreams.

6. Some Jobs Are Off The Table 

Not only will it be more difficult to find a job in the future because many employers conduct background checks before hiring employees, but you won’t be able to gain employment in certain careers if you’ve got a DUI. These include jobs such as being a firefighter, police officer, teacher, nurse, and government employee.

7. You Can’t Travel Anywhere You Wish

You can’t just pack up and go to certain countries if you have been caught driving under the influence – in fact, if your criminal history shows up, you could be denied entry into these countries for DUIs on your criminal record. Such countries include Canada and Mexico, while entry in New Zealand depends on how severe the charges and jail time were.

8. You Could Be Expelled From The Army

If you’re in the army and get charged with drunk driving off base, your commanding officer will likely punish you. This could take the form of extra duty or having to go through an alcohol abuse treatment program. Your rank could be in jeopardy, but worst of all, your reputation could go up in smoke. A DUI conviction could be seen as a person’s inability to make good judgments and deal with difficult situations in a responsible manner. Even after you’ve gone through punishment for your DUI, your bad reputation will linger and take much longer to repair.

9. Your Car Insurance Will Spike

For YEARS (not months…YEARS) after your DUI conviction, it’s common for your car insurance payments to increase by double, triple, or more! Some insurance companies see DUI offenders as being in the “high risk” category, so they could even cancel your cover altogether. And if you happen to be able to obtain insurance coverage, it’s gonna cost you a shitload more than the DUI fine or lawyer fee ever will.  Since insurance companies like to monitor your driving record for up to five years after your DUI to calculate your insurance quotes, it’s up to you to be on your best behavior when you get behind the wheel in the future.

10. Your Vehicle Will Be Fitted With An Ignition Interlock Device

Many US states make it compulsory for people with a DUI conviction to have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles. How this works is that it connects to your car’s ignition and checks your alcohol level with a similar device to a breathalyzer. If alcohol is detected, the car won’t start and in some cases it could result in a security alarm being activated. Be prepared for you to be monitored closely after your offense as there’s always the fear that you’ll repeat your bad behavior.

What’s the moral of the story here?  Fuck the risk of drunk driving…take an Uber instead

When you think of DUIs, you probably think of paying a fine and trying to put it behind you, but driving under the influence can impact your life in many different, and often surprising, ways. From preventing your travel to various countries to inhibiting your education and career, there are many consequences you might have to face. Don’t let drinking and driving ruin your future.

And if you are reading this and already got busted for a DUI?  Get a lawyer, pronto…

Well, you’ve come to the right place At BernieSez, you can upload your case for free, where experienced attorneys from all 50 states will have access to it and can offer you their services. Or, if you just have a question, feel free to try out the discussion board – it’s even easier! There’s absolutely no rule in the book that says you have to do it alone, or that you’re a better person for doing so. No matter the severity of your crime or the number of times you’ve gotten busted by law enforcement, know that your right to an attorney exists and you’ll thank yourself later for exercising said right. What are you waiting for? Upload
your case, and embark on your path to better justice today.

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