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Find your citation

Yup, we finally got a lot of our court data online, with no password wall to deal with. What that means is that if you received some sort of misdemeanor or infraction in either North Carolina or Pennsylvania, you can find out what the court system has on file for you, and then with a single click upload it and receive competitive lawyer bids to take your case.  


Or your neighbor’s

What it also means is that you can be nosy and find out if anyone on your street block has been in trouble with the law lately.  To do this, just type your street name into the street name search field and click the search button.  Presto!  That’s it.  Pretty simple.


Please note that to maintain some level of privacy, neither last names nor actual street addresses are displayed (just the first initial of the last name and the street name with no number).  Also, in case you are wondering, all of this information is public information that is already available and exposed, if you know where to look.  


Give it a spin, see what kind of juicy info you can find. Click the button below to get started.  It’s free.